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IWD: The fight against misogyny in healthcare ‘is not over’

A Better Culture

‘There was one story that really stood out to me, and it was to do with a very well-regarded woman, and behind closed doors the language that was used to describe her to me was appalling – they said she was crazy, and she was problematic, this was a person who was achieving at an incredibly high level and there was nothing but dismissal and diminution coming from the men in the room. And the men would say to me “oh, but you’re not like that, you’re one of us”, as if the greatest compliment you can pay a woman is to tell her that she’s one of the boys. Women get burned, and they get torn down, and I put up with a lot.’

As part of the RACPG's International Women's Day Event in Queensland, Dr Jillann Farmer shares her inspiring story.

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