Working Groups

Cultural Safety Working Group

Cultural safety in Australian workplaces, particularly within the healthcare sector, remains a significant challenge. This challenge has spurred the need for comprehensive cultural safety programs and a commitment to cultural competence, which are critical to ensuring a respectful and supportive workplace for all employees.  

The Cultural Safety Training Working Group is established to support the Advisory Board via provision of content expertise and a review of the implementation of current Cultural Safety Training programs across healthcare with a focus on transparency and accountability for uptake of existing cultural safety training, quality of training, quality of data measuring training uptake and leadership role modelling and implementation of culturally safe practices

Working Group Chair

Dr Louis Peachey

Dr Louis Peachey is a Girrimay and Djirribal man from the Djirribaligan language group (Rainforest People) of North Queensland. He is a Senior Medical Officer at the Atherton District Hospital where he works as a Rural Generalist Anaesthetist, and runs a regular clinic at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre. Dr Peachey was the founding President of AIDA, and is a former Board member of the ACRRM. Dr Peachey also served on the National Board of Headspace between 2012 and 2016.

Curriculum Design Working Group

The Curriculum Design Working Group will design a universal curriculum for training and skills development with specific content for all career stages, starting before graduation. The working group is comprised of educators and a broad range of reference group members to give perspectives across the career spectrum. 

Working Group Chair

Dr Rhea Liang

Rhea Liang is a general and breast surgeon on the Gold Coast, medical educator, clinical Sub Dean at Bond University, and systems change leader. She combines 17 years of consultant clinical practice with BA(Ed), MSurgEd, FAcadME and experience as past chair of the RACS Operate With Respect Education Committee to the A Better Culture project.

Leadership Diversity Working Group

The formation of the Leadership Diversity Working Group was driven by concerns about the homogeneity in leadership, which often results in a lack of representation and diverse perspectives. Recognizing that diverse leadership is essential for fostering innovation, inclusivity, and improved decision-making.

The Working Group is established to support the Advisory Board via provision of content expertise and focussed initiatives to support greater diversity for advancement into leadership roles. The group will develop model set of competencies for 21st century healthcare leaders for cultivating diverse leadership participation.

Working Group Chair

Dr Nicole Higgins

Dr Nicole Higgins is the current President of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners. She is also a business owner, director, supervisor, medical educator and working parent. Having previously worked with Tropical Medical Training and RVTS in medical education and training, Nicole has been recognised for her entrepreneurship and innovation in her workplaces. Nicole is the recent ex-chair of GP Supervision Australia and has had directorships from the old days of the Divisions of General Practice through the PHNs.

Working Group Chair

Dr Nisha Khot

Dr Nisha Khot is the Vice President of RANZCOG and Clinical Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Peninsula Health in Melbourne. She has a special interest in migrant and refugee women’s health and chairs the board of the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health. She is a passionate advocate for equity & diversity in healthcare leadership.

Individual Interventions & Reporting Pathways Working Group

The Individual Level Intervention and Reporting Pathways working group will define and promulgate mechanisms for individual-level intervention based on “just culture” concepts with clear delineation of blameworthy acts (e.g. criminal actions, intentional abuse, repeated recidivist behaviour).

Working Group Chair

Michael Gorton AM

Michael Gorton AM is a senior partner at Russell Kennedy Lawyers and has more than 30 years’ experience advising the health and medical sector, assisting boards of health organisations to understand their legal obligations for effective governance structures, governance policies and implementing risk management strategies. He is the Chair of Peninsula Health, Chair of Wellways Australia and Chair of Holmesglen Institute (TAFE) and Board member of Latrobe Regional Hospital. He is the former Chair of Alfred Health, a past Board member of Ambulance Victoria and is the former Chair of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and former Board member of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. He is a former Chair of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

Workplace Behaviour Expectations Working Group

The workplace Behaviour Expectations Working Group will develop a consensus statement on model behaviours and capabilities that should underpin colleague relationships and organisational leadership in all healthcare workplaces.

Working Group Chair

David Clarke

David has had an extensive career in the leadership of not-for-profit industry associations and peak bodies across the disability, mental health, parks and environment, and workplace health and safety fields – his immediate past role being CEO of the AIHS for 8 years, where he introduced widespread long-term reforms. His current role is CEO of the Australian Patients Association. David has also consulted and held board positions for not-for-profits, worked in government and been involved in small business.