Welcome to  ABetter Culture

A Better Culture is a coalition of health professionals who know that working in healthcare does not have to be traumatising. Who know that we can make things better. We can choose to eliminate bullying, to stamp out all forms of harassment, to have zero tolerance for racism, and to wipe discrimination off the face of the profession. We know that we can build #ABetterCulture. 

Dr Jillann Farmer

Chief Executive Officer


The Why

Because none of these things have a place in a culture that is supposed to be about caring. Healthcare worker who are exhausted from the constant onslaught of bullying or from the oppressive weight of racism, can’t do their best work. Some of them leave – sometimes for a while, sometimes forever. And discrimination means that we don’t have a merit-based system – we aren’t ensuring that the best people do the work they are most suited for.

Building #ABetterCulture will mean we build Better Healthcare. And that’s for everyone’s benefit.

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What Makes A Better Culture Different?

We are taking a different approach to creating a safer, more effective workplace. We are challenging the system, and those who drive it, to provide safety to the people in it. But it will take all parts of the health system to create lasting change. 

This is an invitation to everyone - Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health workers, to be a part of creating psychological safety in a system and culture that currently undermines it. 

Healthcare must be accountable as a workplace. It must be safe first and foremost, then better outcomes for staff and patients will follow.

The Team

Komal Daredia

Project Manager

Dr Sarah Jane Springer

Senior Medical Advisor

Jade Rameka

Project Admin

Maddy Roberts

Project Admin

The Board

Dr Jillann Farmer


Ms Helen Szoke AO

Our Chair

Dr Louis Peachey

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Member

Dr Nicole Higgins

CPMC Member

Dr Karen Stringer

Independent Member

Carly Dober

Australian Association of Psychologists Member

David Clarke

Health Consumer Body Member

Judy Finn

Independent Member

Dr Elise Buisson

AMADT Member

Karen Grace

Nursing and Midwifery Member

Dr Clare Skinner

CPMC Member

Michael Gorton AM

Independent Member